Slush Machines

Our hand crafted and Italian made slush machines are made to last. Ensuring you have reliable, high performance machines for the busiest of hot, hot summer days. With a massive variety of flavours available including margartas and daiquiris, as well as very high profit margins. Both you and your customers will be impressed.

I Luv Slush
10L Double Bowl

10L Double Bowl Slush Machine

For maximum sales in limited space, these double bowl systems are popular for food outlets, convenience stores, petrol convenience, bars and sports clubs - just to name a few. You can rotate flavors ranges easily to give your customers something to come back to again and again. If you clients are asking for slushie, then these machine will deliver.

• Bowl capacity 10 Litre x 2
• Height: 840mm Depth: 480mm Width: 400mm
• Power 850 W
• Net Weight 55 kg

10L Triple Bowl

10L Triple Bowl Slushie Machine

The Best Selling Triple Bowl is the flagship model in our range. Chosen by more retailers than any other bowl configuration we have. The 3 x 10 litre bowls sells better, looks better and allow maximum sales on premises of all shapes and sizes. Pumps out slupies even on the hottest of days.

• Bowl capacity 10 Litre X 3
• Height: 840mm Depth: 480mm Width: 600mm
• Power 1100 W
• Net Weight 74 kg

Our flavours

Slushies aren't just for the kids. We have a great range of flavours that adults love, including our ice-cold cocktail range, energising ice-o-tonic and refreshing frappes. I Luv Slush provides you with a range of options for placement of your machines.

  • Fun Slush

    Fun Slush

    Fun Slush is a sugar based product. The popular product is what started slush products and will always be a popular seller as it boasts some of the healthiest margins in our range.

    Fruit Slush

    Fruit Slush

    Fruit Slush is made from deionised apple juice. It proudly boasts the title of our "Best Selling Product" with its fruity flavours and vibrant colours.

  • Kids Safe Slush

    Kids Safe Slush

    Kids Safe - A Low GI product made from Apple Juice that contains nature equivalent colours and flavours. Focis approved and ideal for schools, kids and health conscious parents.

    Ice-o-tonic Slush

    Ice-o-tonic Slush

    Ice-o-tonic is our electrolyte based sports slush. The first slush product on the market built for athletes who understand the benefits of re-hydration whilst cooling your core temperature with this great tasting product.

  • NRG Tonic Slush

    NRG Tonic Slush

    NRG Tonic - a mild caffeine and guarana mix in a delicious BoostBerry slush. This hot seller is piggybacking the energy drink market in a one-of-a-kind slush product.

    Ice Coffee & Ice Frappe Slush

    Ice Coffee & Ice Frappe Slush

    Frappe smooth and delicious milk based frappe that comes in Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee flavor. Perfect as a labor saving way to serve this popular metro style drink ½ just add whipped cream!

  • Cocktail / Margarita Slush

    Cocktail / Margarita Slush

    Cocktail - hotels, nightclubs, casinos, pubs and restaurants can't be wrong! This is the ultimate labor saving way to serve cocktails and reap massive margins across a range of 9 of the world's most favorite alcoholic beverages. Just add alcohol and the party begins!

    Cocktail Machine

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